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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Here's the Prize for the Name That Kitty Contest!

Okay, so I finally put the baby down and put together the price for the Name That Kitty contest below.  It is a fun pattern from Sam Sarah Design Studio called "Jumping Jacks".  Perfect for fall!  Also included are the button embellishments for the larger piece.  I'll leave the fabric/floss choice up to you.  The pattern calls for 30 ct R&R Reproductions Beach Blend, but that is not made anymore.  You could substitute a yummy light teal or even change everything around to suit your mood! Here's the pic ~

Remember, I need names or else the wittle, bitty kitten is doomed to be called Dammit for the rest of his life!!  Post suggestions on the previous post only ~ all rules listed on that post.  Contest ends Sunday August 15th!  Tell your friends, etc.  Thanks for all the names submitted to date!  And no, I'm sorry, but Mark Harmon is NOT the prize....if I had him, I'd keep him LOL!!!

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