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Friday, August 29, 2008

My Wish List

In order to keep my blog a bit "cleaner", I've decided to create this as a post and then as a link....hopefully it will work! My thanks to Meari for the inspiration ~ don't you just love love love her blog???

My wish list ~ I'll be adding to it and, hopefully, removing items as I acquire them LOL!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

WIP Is Now Complete!

This will be just an incredibly blah post. It's been so busy this week ~ I've hardly had a chance to catch my breath. Lot of work (and I'm not complaining) so I haven't had much of a chance to stitch. But, I did manage to put the finishing touches on a WIP, Pumpkin Whiskers by Lizzie Kate. I stitched it on 26 ct Hickory Heatherfield using GAST, an adorable star button from JABC, and black seed beads for the eyes. Sorry for the wavy look on the fabric ~ it doesn't lay flat on the scanner because of the button and beads. But isn't it adorable? Love the kitty cat "pumpkin"!

The blog is going to be a work in progress as I first of all find time to work on it, and then as I learn how to navigate around, figure out what kind of design suits my personality best so forgive the mess!

Through the day, I've tried to take peaks at other's blogs and pictures from members of ILCS ~ I don't have much of a chance at all to comment, but I am just so awed by all the talent out there, and some of the posts have put a smile on my face.

It's bedtime for me right now ~ another big day tomorrow and hopefully some time this weekend to stitch!

Monday, August 25, 2008

I Hate Mondays.....

Mondays are a horribly carpy way to spent 1/7th of your week. Today was no exception. With all the damp weather down here (Tropical Storm Fay moving up from Florida), I have been aching all over and then developed one of those dull headaches that are invincible against anything but a Darvocet (which I can't take because I'll fall asleep). I did not want to work today ~ thankfully there was not much work today to do and I was finished by 7 p.m.

Got to spend a little time stitching one of my WIPs, Gentle Words/Peaceful Ways (La-D-Da). Almost finished! I coffee-dyed/distressed my linen and it looks so old and brown!

I am hoping to participate in an ornament exchange in a new group I've joined (ILCS) ~ so I've been flipping through some ornament patterns to see if any catch my fancy and are fairly uncomplicated so I have a chance to get it finished and submitted in time. There were a few I saw that I just love.....

Friday, August 22, 2008

Is it Friday yet?

I didn't think this week would ever end! Work is stacked up on my desk....I'm not complaining. I'm very thankful I have work that allows me to stay at home and still make fairly decent money to pay the bills. Youngest DD has returned to college Tuesday and the house is so quiet now. Of course, she calls about 8-10 times a day, so there's really no peace in the house with the phone ringing all the time.

I've been trying to get some stitching done while the housecleaning stays UNDONE! I'm learning to just step over the piles. One day I'll feel like cleaning again or else come up with the $$ to hire someone else to do it LOL! I'm sure I can find that $$ somewhere!

I'm working on two projects right now, Shepherd Bush's "Scatter Christmas" and La-D-Da's "Peaceful Ways". I ran out of my GAST Tarnished Gold right in the middle of it (I could have sworn I had another matching skein around here but I can't find it). Of course GAST's colors are not consistent. The skein I do have at hand does not match AT ALL! Will do some frogging tonight.....

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A brief introduction......

My first blog post! I'm going to be learning this as I go, so please be patient and bear with my mistakes!

I wanted to become part of the blogging community and hopefully meet other women who share my love of cross stitch. I want to share my work, and learn from others. I need to be inspired to do more than simply stitch the piece! I need finishing ideas and encouragement to then actually finish my work!

Here's an example of a beautiful sampler I stitched in 2005 and never finished. Of course, to be fair, custom framing costs a fortune and seldom does a cross stitch piece fit into a conventional-sized frame.


Lauralee >^.^<