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Sunday, October 31, 2010

New Finishes!

It has been a productive weekend for me ~ two new finishes!!

The first one is a floss tag I put together ~ the design is from Plum Pudding Needle Arts (I think it was a freebie ~ not sure). I found the backing fabric at JoAnn's ~ love the sunflowers! I'm listing this on Etsy today.

Next is my first ever strawberry pincushion! The pattern is by Nicoletta Farrauto. Since this is my prototype, I think I'll keep it. I will probably make some changes in its construction, mainly the leaves. We'll see.

Here's a question for you:  As I'm browsing on eBay or etsy, I sometimes see items listed like this: 

pRiM StiTcheD HaNgInG CuPbOaRd SaMpLeR 1843

Why?  What is the purpose of the random capital and small letters?  Just very very curious!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Need Help!

Okay, three posts in one day!

I have an issue using twisted floss cording when finishing a flatfold or other cross stitch piece. How is the best way to meet up the ends of floss cording without it looking messy? You know how the cording comes apart when it is cut? I have tried using fray check, clear tape, etc. and it still is noticeable on my pieces! Any suggestions on how to best connect the ends?  Virtual cookies will be shared!!

OMG, Thank you!!!

OMG, what a wonderful surprise! Thank you, April (April Mechelle's Dull Life) for your neat package! You have absolutely brightened my day! I can't wait to make the little pendant "Wicked" by The Primitive Needle ~ the silk floss is an added treat!  Lots of virtual chocolate chip cookies sent your way!

Finally Back Home...

Thank you for all the kind comments! I'm finally back home and trying to get back into the swing of things.  The wedding was absolutely beautiful, as was the bride ;o)  I definitely want to go back to Charleston to do some serious sightseeing!  One sour note from the whole trip was an apparent gallbladder attack I had early Sunday morning ~ first time ever and I swear, I was about ready to drive myself to the ER. The pain was absolutely incredible.  I honestly thought I was having a heart attack!!!  If it happens again, I'm taking myself directly to the hospital and will follow up with a gastroenterologist!

I have managed to get some pieces finished this week and will be listing them in my Etsy store this week...

Quaker Acorn (The Workbasket) ~ I finished this into a scissor pocket...first time for me and I love it!!!

Bird & Pumpkin Pillow (Brenda Gervais) ~ thanks to Carol who suggested the pillow finish!

A cute design from Windy Willow (freebie) ~ fashioned into a little pillow with chenille trim.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Progress & A Wedding!

I FINALLY finished Bird & Pumpkin (a freebie from With Thy Needle & Thread, Brenda Gervais). For such a simple design, I spent an inordinate amount of time frogging! I really need to pay attention to the pattern!! I stitched this on 32 count Irish Cream linen with DMC floss.  I'm hesitant about "dirtying" it up some with some Distress spray.  Also, I need to figure out how to finish it ~ any ideas?  Please??

We are heading out of town tomorrow to go to Charleston, SC for my niece's wedding.  I've never been to Charleston and I'm so excited!!!  The wedding is at the French Huguenot Church...isn't it beautiful?

 Does anyone know of any good cross stitching stores/quilt stores in the area they can recommend?  If so, please let me know! 

Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Hubby!

Not sure Jeff will "stop by" today, but just in case...

Happy Birthday, Jeff! 51 years never looked so good ~ muuuah (kiss, smack)!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Floss Tags

I finally have something to show and tell! I made some floss tags today to use with my silks and other specialty threads (other than GAST and WDW). They were surprisingly easy to make and I think they look pretty good!

I knew I wanted something fairly sturdy, but not cardboard. So I took a 12x12 piece of cardstock and a coordinating 12x12 piece of scrapbook paper and glued them together. I used craft adhesive spray because glue sticks just don't stick good for me. Be careful if you use this ~ take it outside and try not to get it on any skin! I sprayed the cardstock all over and then carefully laid the scrapbook paper on top of it, making sure everything lined up. I let them dry overnight (but I'm sure an hour or so would do). Then using my paper cutter, I cut them into 2.75 x 2 rectangles. Punched a small hole at the top and a bigger hole at the bottom. And voila! I started with my Vickie Clayton HDF. I just cut the original tag up to get the color and taped that to my new floss tag. Was that clear as mud or what? I can't coherently explain how to boil water sometimes!


Just a couple of grrrs...

Postage rates!!! I would love to sell all that felt (pictured below in previous post), but the postage would cost more than what I would sell it for!

Becoming more and more forgetful!!! I ordered and received WDW Charcoal and I can't remember to save my life what project I ordered it for!

Having to wait another seven days to watch a new episode of NCIS (I'm so loving Gibbs this season ~ I want a cardboard cut-out of Gibbs & Tony)!

Hopefully I can update later today on some floss tags/drops I made with scrapbook paper for my silks, etc.!

It's almost Friday...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Craft (Crap) Room

Well, I was hoping to get some stitching done today (maybe this evening while watching TV). But I got busy trying to organize my crap room (as my DH calls it) and so I decided to take some pictures to share....The room is not finished by any stretch of the imagination!  I've got tons more organizing to do, but this is a start.

Here's one side of the sewing/crafting/bonus room...I've managed to get all my fabric over there: My fat quarters, some wool, quilts in progress (for years) and quilts to be started (one day). I'm trying to get my linen organized. I bought photo boxes at Hobby Lobby and will separate them by count.

 Here's one view of my sewing area that my DH built for me ~ I love him so much!  He built the cabinets and shelves.  I've got all my books, magazines, patterns, etc. on the lower shelf.  In the 1st organizer is my DMC threads.  The 2nd organizer holds crafty stuff (jewelry findings, brads, microscope slides, bells, etc.).  I'm hoping to get some thin pieces of wood (1x4) to put on the wall to hang my overdyed flosses and silks on.  I saw on someone's blog but I can't remember whose.  If I remember, I will gladly give credit for the idea!

 Here's the other side of the sewing area. Yes, that's a litter box underneath the sewing machine. We are going to redo the countertop on the right and bring it out more. I don't remember why we stopped it where it is. We can extend it at least another 3 or 4 feet and it will hold my little tabletop ironing board.  I also have a chifferobe (no pics yet) that I will fill up with more stuff!

As I'm organizing, I'm finding lots of craft stuff that I will not use and so I will be listing it either here or in my Etsy store. Right now, I found all this felt that I won't be using and so hopefully I will get that listed tonight!

Hope everybody has a wonderful day!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Craft Books for Sale!

I have just spent the last hour listing a butt-load of crafting books for sale (see page above). Let me know if you are interested in any of them! I will slowly, but surely start to move these over to my Etsy store. Hopefully I will have some stitchy things to share this weekend!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Just A Quickie...

Just a quick blurb and then I must go fix supper ~ Spicy Chicken with Fiery Angel Hair Pasta ~ Everyday good!

The Boo freebie is located at Homespun Elegance's blog. Hope it's okay to send people there! Plus, she has a recipe for Savory Vegetable Chicken Gratin that I can't wait to try, maybe this weekend.

Thanks for the help with Blogger ~ I guess I'll just have to try not to cuss too much when putting pictures in.

Does anyone know how to make those beautiful beaded pins for pincushions? Is there a tutorial out there? You know, the long ones (like hat pins), but very ornate. I'd love to make a few, but I'm pretty clueless at the moment.

I hope every one is enjoying this beautiful weather!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Trying To Get My Grove Back!

I have just finished catching up on over 5000 posts on the 200 plus blogs I follow! I can't get behind like this anymore! I have loved especially seeing all the cute finishes from you talented cross stitchers out there! Just too many to compliment at the moment, but you know who you are! I'm getting tons of inspiration from all the pictures. I do hope you know that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

Now for a finish....yes, this was actually finished and framed before Hayden was one month old! That is a record for me! My first daughter's sampler was finished when her little sister was born three years later!!

I have also been stitching up some pieces to sell in my Etsy store, some finished and some unfinished (got to empty the Drawer of Doom). Here's some pics of those...

Boo (Homespun Elegance)

Jumping Jacks (Sam Sarah Designs)

Bittersweet Witch Hat (Waxing Moon Designs)

BTW, can anybody help me with putting pictures and captions in blogger?  This is driving me crazy!  Actually, I can get the pictures in, it's the captions and writing in between pictures (with all the gaps, etc.).

Anyhoo, that's all for now!  Might try to get some more posting in later this week!