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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Need Help ~ Valdani Perle Cotton to DMC

Does anyone have a conversion chart showing Valdani to DMC? I use DMC floss instead of perle cotton for most of my applique projects only because I have almost every color made in DMC. One project I'm working on calls for Valdani perle cotton and I would love to convert this to DMC. Anybody have a conversion chart? Thanks so much in advance!!


  1. I would love one too, no one around here sells Valdani and I want to start a project SOON.

  2. It’s funny to find out just how many different sites the internet has on this matter. :)

  3. Lauralee - I just spent $50 for a kit from Primitive Gatherings and opened it up to find it's done in Valdani threads...ACK! I did find this conversion chart, but it doesn't include DMC (but they are working on one). This is for Works, Gentle Arts and Needle Necessities. Hope this helps.

  4. Still cannot find a Valdani to DMC chart. Everything I find says "in the works" I would like one too. No one sells Valdani in my town.


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