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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

No Stitching Lately

Well, I had hoped to do some stitching this past weekend, but it was not to be...we discovered pantry moths in our pantry ~ Yuck!! So the entire weekend was spent emptying the pantry, throwing out food, and cleaning. These are pantry moths:

And here is the empty pantry (with holes filled in with sheetrock mud) and most of the food and stuff all in our kitchen....

Is there an upside to pantry moths? Why yes, there is! A totally redone pantry with new paint & new wood shelves ~ I hate that wire shelving!!! Plus, throwing out tons of stuff never used. I mean, really, how many years does one need to keep that bottle of vanilla extract?

Anyway, I hope to get more stitching done this long weekend (five days off for me ~ yay)! 

And now, I have just have to leave you with this offering from YouTube!  It's hilarious!!!

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  1. Pretty funny video, Lauralee! Happy Thanksgiving!


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