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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Baby Quilt Update & Baby Shower!

Warning:  Picture heavy post!

Christa & Michael's baby shower yesterday was absolutely wonderful!  Several games were played (of course), but the funniest and grossest was the poopy diaper!  Using one's sense of sight and smell, you have to guess which candy bar is melted in each diaper (there are four diapers passed around)! We could only hope really poopy diapers smelled like candy bars....

This adorable cake was made by the hostess's stepmother ~

These are two "heirlooms" that I passed to Christa...the blanket was crocheted by me when I was pregnant with Christa and the dress/gown was smocked by Christa's aunt.

My DH took this picture of me when I was crocheting the blanket over 24 years ago (sitting next to my dear late Grandpa Dickson).  Check out the purple eyeshadow!!

Next is a little cross stitch I made a few years ago which was stored in my "Drawer of Shame" (a drawer containing completed cross stitch pieces which have never been finished, the contents of which will be shamefully displayed later).  I'm going to make this into a little hanging pillow.  This is a Shepherd's Bush pattern stitched on 10 ct. cream Tula using the recommended floss (WDW, CC, and GAST) and buttons ~ too cute!!!  BTW, this pattern is for sale on my selling page!

I made a diaper stacker for Christa.  I got the tutorial on Sew Dang Cute!  My applique was a little off ~ oh, well!

The fabric for the dust ruffle is the same green above.  And here is the finished quilt top.  I only need to make my quilt sandwich and actually quilt it.  This is the hardest part because I "don't" quilt well at all.  I had thought about doing diagonal lines, but would really like to try something new.  Maybe quilt each pinwheel with a large flower using a tracing paper template to sew over?  Of course, doing the meandering stitch would be my preference, but I'm too chicken right now to try ~ no practice at all!

Oh, well ~ enough show & tell for now.  Hoping each of you had a wonderful, cool weekend!


  1. Beautiful treasures, thx for sharing:)

  2. Shower looks like it was fantastic!

  3. I am not a big fan of baby shower games but I can imagine how funny the PD game might have been!

    Love the heirlooms you passed down - the blanket is lovely - as is the dress. And gotta love that purple eyeshadow! I have a few pics that look almost exactly the same - hair and eye makeup! Looking back, it looks almost like I had severe bruising on my eyelids. I blame Estee' Lauder.

    Your diaper stacker is adorable and that quilt - absolutely wonderful!


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