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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

~Progress on Baby Quilt~

Well, my ABC fabric finally came in (the right color) and I spent a very nice evening, just me, my sewing machine, and Law & Order SVU.  I was going to watch some NCIS, but I know I would have gotten distracted gazing at Very Special Agent Jethro Gibbs (sigh!).  I got all 12 blocks made ~ yippee!  I did have one block that just wouldn't come together ~ I lost count of the number of times I took it apart and resewed it.  But finally I'm happy with all my points.  Yes, some aren't quite perfect, but close enough!  Here's the layout ~

Now, to sew these together and start my borders!!!


  1. Ooh, the baby quilt is going to be gorgeous - what beautiful blocks!!

  2. What a sweet baby quilt this is going to be Lauralee! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment when you dropped by my blog. Love your list of kitted up charts, quite a few of my 'want to do someday' charts are there.

  3. What a gorgeous quilt this is going to be! I love the soft colors - it's so pretty and sweet!

  4. I love the pinwheels and colors. I have always avoided diagonals, triangles, etc. are they hard to do, does the fabric stretch on the bias? You got a lot done in one evening!

  5. I love your quilt Lauralee!! I think that it looks perfect. No matter what I do on mine I can't get the points absolutely perfect, but in the end when it's quilted you won't even notice.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Now I've found yours and became a follower. I look forward to seeing more of what you do! And Special Agent Gibbs? OH BABY!


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