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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hand-Dyed Fibers from Vickie Clayton

Look what I got from Vickie Clayton Hand Dyed Fibers!!!  Aren't these beautiful? 

I discovered these on Stitchin Sweet Sue's blog.  The colors I got are:  BeRedded, BeLaced, BeMoiled, Old Maid of the Clay, Old Maid of the Hive, Spinach Delight, Moon-Called Sea, Petty Fog, Embers, Country Road, Jadeite 2465, Huckleberry.  Are they lovely?  And the price is sooooo reasonable!

Now that she's got those wonderful primitive colors, I'm ordering some more ;o)  The colors I'm ordering are:  Primitive Barn Blue, Primitive Barn Board, Primitive Barn Green, Primitive Barn Mauve, Primitive Barn Olive, Primitive Barn Red, Primitive Barn Rust, Primitive Barn Straw, Exemplar Milligrubs, and Marque Des Cercles.  I'm using the You Pick 10 ~ Create An Assortment feature for $12.50.  What a deal!!!


  1. Wow, those are might fine silks, enjoy:) Yeppers, HDF new Primitive silks are very tempting!

  2. I am so interested in trying out some of her stuff--I definitely hear the Prim Barn calling my name and also the "Old Maids"--particularly "Tempest"! :o

    All the cats on your blog are so cute! I love 'em and wish I could have them in my home (Not allowed per lease...)

    Great blog; glad to be able to add you to my reader. :)


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