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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just an apology to all who left me such sweet comments the last few days ~ I am going to respond personally, but with two transcriptionists out this week, I've been very very busy, too busy to even stitch. Then add in to the mix this little precious thing...

We found this sweet thing outside a friends house hiding in the gardenias.  I estimate he's about 4 weeks old.  Absolutely COVERED in fleas!!  I brought him home because my friend is not a "cat person", but I don't know what I'm going to do with him.  My two labs think he's the next best thing to a running squirrel and I don't dare let them near him.  Any suggestions on how to keep the dogs from eating the new kitty?


  1. Ohhh He is so cute !! I always thought labs were gentle,, But he is so small... He is so Cute... I said that already... I love cats!

  2. I would first take care of the fleas ;o) Bet your doin' that already though! And then if you have a room to leave him in during the day to separate him from the dogs (but they can still smell him under the door), sort of get them used to his smell....then slowly introduce....they'll take right to him, now they just are exicted to figure him out!
    He's a dollbaby....if you are going to keep him, make sure to get him neutered at around 8 weeks, or he'll learn to spray and that's not pleasant.

  3. What a sweet kitty and sweet you for rescuing it. No idea how to keep it safe. My dogs would not tolerate her (him?) at all.

  4. Such a precious kitty. I think that the dogs will get used to her in a couple days. He's just absolutely precious, but get rid of those fleas before the whole house gets them!

  5. what a cute little kitty! Have no idea how to get the dogs to be nice to him/her as I've not had pets in so long. My children would stress one out so much it would run away from our house. lol I'm looking forward to getting a nice kitty when they all move out. lol


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