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Monday, July 19, 2010

New Sewing Machine??? Need input!

I had planned on doing some serious quilting on Hayden's baby quilt this weekend ~ I have three more squares to quilt and then the border.  However, my old Singer (15-18 years old) had other plans.  After pulling out about 5 miles of tangled bobbin thread and making up some new words while I was at it, I knew she needed to go in for a tune-up at my local Singer center.  This morning I took her in and, of course, just had to look at the new machines.  I really really want a new machine.  My old Singer is just a student model, has 3 decorative stitches, the feed dogs don't drop, no needle-down position, etc.  I really want a more "grown-up" machine.  I don't do a ton of sewing ~ mostly small quilts, crafts, curtains, and just maybe a simple dress or two for Hayden (LOL).  My dear MIL has a couple of Berninas, but those are out of my price range, plus the costs of extra feet.  I had thought about a Janome, but the closest dealer is about an hour away.  Anyway, they have a new Singer 7469Q (as seen on Martha Stewart).  You can read about all the features here.  And here's a picture of it:


My price range is pretty much under $500 (yikes!) and the Singer place will sell this to me for $349.  It has a 25 year manufacturer's defect warranty, 2 year electronic warranty.  Any ideas?  I'd love to here from y'all about your experiences and advice.  I've only owned two sewing machines in my life, both Singers, and I've not had any trouble with them whatsoever. 

On a creative note, here's a little "mattress pincushion" I was able to stitch AND finish back in 1998.  It's a pattern by Ewe and Eye and Friends called "Sampler Pincushion".  It is stitched on 32 ct. natural Belfast using DMC.  It's very tone-on-tone.  I love that it uses a few specialty stitches (double leviathan, 4-sided stitch, satin stitch, and Smyrna cross).  Most especially, I was able to use some antique buttons that belonged to my grandmother.  I have a standing apology for crappy pictures.

Hoping everyone had a lovely weekend!


  1. I wish I could help, but I seem to be having the same sewing machinge woes. I don't own one so this will be my first. I had my heart set on a Bernina until I looked at the price tag! Now I'm thinking Jamone......

    Then again I'd be happy with just about any machine for my birthday. Maybe someone can send the hint to hubby and all of the parental units. After all, my birthday is less than one month away!

  2. I highly recommend Janome model: Magnolia 7660.
    It is simply fabulous...I've had mine since December 2009 and I love it. I've been a previous Singer (X 2) owner...I'll never go back....

  3. Sorry no help from me, I still use my old machine which has only basic stitches and have been hinting around here and there. Cute finish, very unique, tone on tone is one of my favs, love it!

  4. No help here but I'll be watching with interest what others have to say!

    Love your mattress finish and great use of all those buttons!

  5. I'm a Bernina girl, but I do own a Singer serger, and I love it. It didn't get good reviews, but I have not had a minutes worth of trouble with it. It's been great.
    I think for the price of the machine you can't go wrong!

  6. Dear Marc's Mother (who was raised by a seamstress who owned a shop) recommended Sears' brand to me. I think I heard a rumor that Janome makes for them--when I bought my machine from them something about the labels or the manual made me think it might be "Sanyo", but at any rate go check them out. Mine was under $200 while on sale and works great; though I am NOT much of a seamstress and only use it for blanket-stitching edges of linen before stitching and some mild finishing. I'd like to try out some quilting and make myself a shirt or dress sometime, though.


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