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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Update on Hayden

Just a quick update on baby Hayden who is due August 13th. Right now she is still breech. DD will be having an e-version (external version) Friday wherein the doctor will try to turn the baby. Sometimes this procedure sets off labor. If they are successful and she does NOT go into labor, they will let nature take its course. If they are not successful and she does NOT go into labor, a C-section will be scheduled at 39 weeks (in about two weeks). Of course, if labor starts, baby Hayden will be here hopefully this weekend and hopefully without a C-section.

I had this procedure done with younger DD and it was not successful ~ I had a C-section later that afternoon (prearranged). I told the doctor I was not leaving the hospital without a baby!!! It is painful ~ they can't give you a lot of pain medication because it sedates the baby, too.

So lots of prayers, please, that all will go well and that Hayden will get herself turned and not be so contrary? Thanks!

With in-laws coming into town Friday, etc. I will be hit and miss with blogs and updates.


  1. I hope that everything goes well. My DD was breech too and they couldn't turn her. C section was in order and everything turned out well.


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