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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Some Catching Up To Do

I have really been MIA these past couple of days!  Lots going on in the real world ~

I work as a medical transcriptionist and it has been busy, busy, busy!  I've been working until 6 and 7 each evening, sometimes typing up to 1500 lines a day!  By the end of the day, I'm sick and tired of looking at the computer screen and my right hand hurts like heck!  Last night, I ended up splinting it at bedtime and indulging in a Darvocet...

Fortunately, today I don't have any work (given the day off to recover, so to speak)!

This is the very small piece I worked on all weekend and yesterday.  I've discovered it is next to impossible to stitch when a little ninja kitty is constantly trying to attack what I have in my hand!  Grrrr!  Anyway, this is a freebie from Plum Pudding Needleart called Blessed Be...

I stitched it on a scrap of 32 ct Belfast Summer Khaki with the suggested DMC threads although I did substitute out the colors on the pumpkin and yellow flower for some GAST and WDW ~ what was called for was too bright for me.  The total size is about 3 x 4.  I think I'll try to fashion this into some sort of needle book and then maybe stitch just the tall flower and make it into a floss tag thingy...

I have a dilemma today.   Have you ever ordered something and then can't remember what project you ordered it for?  I ordered a skein of GAST Green Pasture (a very pretty blue-green) and I can't for the life of me remember what it was for.  I've been kitting up projects from The Goode Huswife, Carriage House Samplings, Birds of a Feather, Blackbird Designs, and La-D-Da, but nothing I've pulled out calls for this color.  It might be for a freebie, but I can't figure out which one.  I'm about to pull out my hair!!!!  If anybody has used this color in a project, let me know what it was for and it may be the one I'm looking for!


  1. Boy I can relate to a few things with your post!

    Yes I have ordered fibers and forgot what they were for. I just hope that when I finally pull the project that it was intended for I can find the fibers! LOL

    And take care of your arm. Years ago I did a ton of typing and ended up with carpal tunnel syndrome. Now a fun time. The splint and some meds should help.

    Like your finish. Very cute!

  2. I've not only ordered threads, but a fabric, too and then that's bad! Cute finish!


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